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Coaches/Team Parents

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and volunteers are always needed and appreciated! We strongly encourage parents/guardians to volunteer their time and share their knowledge of the game(s).

If you are interested, please contact:

Rosie Perieff
SFB Athletic Director


Head Coach - earns 30 service hours per team.

Assistant Coach - earns 15 service hours per team

Volunteer Assistant Ref (Soccer) - earns 5 service hours per team.

Base Coach (1st and 3rd base) - earns 10 service hours per team.

Pitcher Coach (Kindergarten-2nd Grade) - earns 10 service hours per team.


Team Parent - 15 hours per team (If there is more than one Team Parent, the earned service hours will be split.)

Being a team parent is a great way to get involved with your child's team! The key to being a successful team parent is good communication. A team parent is a representative of St. Finn Barr Athletics. Generally speaking, the Team Parent's duties and responsibilities are to do the administrative tasks for the team which will allow the Coach(es) to concentrate on coaching, the players and team development.

  • TEAM COMMUNICATION - Use the Beehively team page to send out emails and keep parents/guardians informed about what's going on with the team and pass along any communication from the Athletics Department/leagues.
  • MAKE AN AFTER GAME SNACK SCHEDULE - Optional. Once you get your game schedule, set up a snack schedule for the season. NOTE: Please make sure to check with parents' regarding any food allergies. Snack donations do not receive credit for parent hours.
  • TEAM PARTY - Optional. Work with coaches to organize and plan an End of the Season get together for your team. For example: pizza places that will accommodate you and the families on your team; lunch at a park/playground, etc.
  • REMINDERS - Send reminders to parents 1-2 days before games. Include address for game location, what time to have the players there, and any other information the coaches may want to relay regarding game day.
  • UNIFORMS - Team Parent will collect all uniforms at the end of the season and return to the Uniform Coordinator on the designated uniform collection day.
  • HAVE FUN! - Cheer on your child as well as their fellow team members, setting the tone for a POSITIVE support system!