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Friends of St. Finn Barr

The Friends of St. Finn Barr was created in 2011 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the school. Society members will demonstrate their commitment to the education of young, diverse, minds for the future and by example, encourage others to do the same. They provide leadership and support for St. Finn Barr Catholic School and receive in return the heartfelt gratitude of the school community, both present and future.

Annual membership in the Friends of St. Finn Barr is open for donors who contribute $25 or more within the fiscal year. These gifts may be given all at once, or may be paid in monthly installments as a pledge. For example, a gift of just $20 per month for twelve months would ensure that a donor reaches the $240 annual level.

Society members can allocate their contribution to unrestricted funds, allowing the school to fund projects of immediate importance. Additionally, Friends of St. Finn Barr members may designate their gifts to support any cause at St. Finn Barr Catholic School, including tuition assistance, capital improvements, technology development, or any aspect of our school program. Whatever the amount or designation, the support of the Friends of St. Finn Barr members continues to advance St. Finn Barr Catholic School.

While the primary purpose of The Friends of St. Finn Barr is to honor the school’s benefactors, this organization also encourages greater commitment by an even larger group of individuals – alumni, parishioners, community members, etc. Hence, The Friends of St. Finn Barr does more than just recognize past achievement; it also serves to stimulate additional support for the future.

Friends of St. Finn Barr Membership

Annual Giving Levels

  • St. Finn Barr Associate $25
  • St. Finn Barr Patron $50
  • St. Finn Barr Ambassador $100
  • St. Finn Barr Fellow $200
  • Shamrock Circle $500 + Annual gifts

For questions about the Friends of St. Finn Barr, please contact Megan Kimble, school principal, at or by phone at (415) 333-1800.