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Volunteer Opportunities

2022-2023 School Year

Current Opportunities


Back to School Lunches
Until our regular lunch program starts, the SFB Athletics program will sell bagged lunches - from Tuesday, August 23rd - Thursday, September 1st (no school on Friday, September 2nd). The deadline to order bagged lunches is Friday, August 19th. Click here to order.

☘️ Volunteers needed to help prep and distribute lunches. This is a great opportunity to start on your parent hours! Click here to sign up!

Equipment Coordinator
A volunteer who is responsible for the inventory of all sports equipment. Equipment Coordinator inventories equipment before every season and updates Athletic Director on any equipment needed. They are responsible for coordinating the distribution of equipment before season begins with teams and collecting it back when season is over.

  • 30 Parent Volunteer Hours for a full school year.

Fundraising Coordinator

A volunteer who is responsible for organizing fundraisers to bring in funds for the sports program. Fundraising Coordinator looks for possible fundraisers and presents them to the Athletic Director and school principal. They are responsible for finding volunteers to work fundraisers and for promoting them. Fundraising Coordinator works directly with the Athletic Director to find fundraisers and set goals based on the amount of money that is needed.

  • 30 Parent Volunteer Hours for a full school year.

If you are interested or would like more information, please email: Rosie Perieff, Athletic Director -

Face Masks & PPE Supplies

  • Gift cards to purchase face masks/PPE supplies - All gift card donations are eligible for volunteer hours. Thank you for helping to keep our SFB community safe!

SFB Volunteer Opportunities by Megan Kimble

Summer Opportunities

  • Summer Gardening
  • Classroom Summer Playdates

Live Events During School Year

  • New Parents Reception - August 2022
  • First day of school reception set up - August 2022
  • Back to School Night - August 2022
  • Fall/Spring Festival - September 2022
  • Walk-a-thon - TBD
  • Pancake Breakfast with Santa (Men's Club) - December 2022
  • Christmas Show - December 2022
  • Off to the Races / Trivia Night - May 2022
  • Casino Night - TBD
  • Spring Dance - March 2022
  • Movie Nights - Various
  • Friday Night Dinner FUNraisers - Various

Donation Opportunities ($10 = 1 Hour volunteer time)

  • School Supplies
  • Book Donations
  • Art, Science Projects
  • After Care food donations
  • Teacher Appreciation week
  • End of year appreciation
  • Miscellaneous school donations

Charitable Donation Opportunities

  • Amazon Smile - Select St. Finn Barr Church as your charitable organization and 0.5% of your purchases go back to SFB.
    - Click here or for info.
    - SFB automatically receives AmazonSmile rebates quarterly.
    - Use AmazonSmile on your smart phone.

Other School Donations

  • Temporary equipment rental

Middle School Classroom Library

  • Support the Middle School Classroom Library and get your hours by clicking here. Any book donated to the class library will have a sticker that tells students who donated the book. [$10 = 1 hour] Thank you!