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Chaperone/Volunteer Procedures

LiveScan Notice

Dear St. Finn Barr Parents,

As you know, St. Finn Barr Catholic School abides by the Archdiocese of San Francisco LiveScan fingerprinting guidelines regarding all volunteers and chaperones.

All volunteers and chaperones must have a completed LiveScan on file with the school and completed the Virtus online course, "Protecting God's Children 4.0" (which expires every three years) at Parents need to complete the online training class (Virtus) BEFORE getting fingerprinted. The fingerprints will not process correctly if you do not have a Virtus account.


  1. All chaperones/volunteers must be over the age of 21 (Drivers must be 25) and must complete the Protecting God’s Children 4.0 Course online. (Course must be taken every 3 years)
  2. All chaperones must clear a LiveScan fingerprinting (good forever)
  3. LiveScan registrations must be initiated by first registering through the Virtus Website.
  4. For driving field trips, all drivers must submit a copy of a valid driver’s license and insurance to the school office one week before the trip.

Complete the online course before getting fingerprinted.

How to complete the Protecting God’s Children 4.0 Course: -Go to:

  • Click on: First Time Registrant
  • Under “Select Archdiocese” choose San Francisco
  • Then create user ID and password
  • Complete your profile information (name, address, etc.)
  • Then select primary location St. Finn Barr Elementary(not Parish) then click continue - Identify yourself as a “volunteer”
  • Read and accept Archdiocese of San Francisco Policies and Procedures
  • You will then be placed in the training course: Protecting God’s Children 4.0
  • The course will take approximately 45 minutes, and it is available in English and Spanish.

For the LiveScan Fingerprinting

Take the form to a UPS office for fingerprinting. If you are confirmed for a field trip or a new parent to the school, the school will reimburse you for 50% of the cost of the LiveScan. Bring a copy of the LiveScan form and your receipt to the school office.

** If you anticipate chaperoning or volunteering at school events at all this year, it is a great idea to complete this program now. We thank you for contributing to a safe school environment! **

We thank you for contributing to a safe school environment!

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