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Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation Spring Enrichment

Grades K-8th

Minimum 6, maximum 20 students.

In Stop-Motion Animation classes, a sequence of photographs are put together to create a sense of motion. This involves setting up a scene which will be done by students, the teacher taking a photo, then students moving the subject a small amount, and the teacher taking another photo. We will do this repeatedly. until we have a long enough sequence of pictures. The object comes to life by playing back the pictures at speed. We will have a new scenario every time and the final reel can be sent to families.

Stop Motion Animation Sample Video

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K - 8th

3:00 - 4:00PM

$300 (ten classes)

Deadline: Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Click here to register and submit payment by Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

Enrichment Matrix for Spring 2024