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Dress Code


Learning to dress in a manner appropriate for St. Finn Barr Catholic School is required of all students. They take pride in their appearance and are expected to look well groomed at all times. Support and compliance with the dress code is an important part of a successful learning experience.

Hair for both boys and girls must be kept neatly trimmed and combed. Boys must be clean-shaven and hair may not touch their collars and should not hang below their eyebrows. Extreme, faddish hairstyles, or long, straggly and unkempt looking hair is unacceptable. Shaved designs on parts of the scalp or hair are not allowed. Hair may not be bleached, streaked or colored. The administration will determine the appropriateness of any hairstyle – a student will be asked not to return to school until hair is returned to a style/color/cut that is appropriate for school.

Makeup, nail polish, and tattoos are not acceptable. Girls may wear one pair of stud earrings and no other jewelry. Boys shall not wear any kind of earrings.

“Proper care of uniform” means that it must be cleaned, mended and pressed, if necessary. Boys’ shirt and girls’ blouses shall be tucked in at all times.

Boys and girls in every grade may only wear school-approved uniform attire. Sweatshirts are not permitted. If it is raining or cold, children should arrive at school in weather-appropriate outerwear. Cloth-cotton sweatshirts, including St. Finn Barr spirit wear, are not permitted.

Boys may not wear baggy trousers. A belt must be worn at all times. If it is determined that clothing is inappropriate, the student will be asked to call a parent to bring in the appropriate clothing.

Full Uniform Regulations:

*Full Uniform daily for grades 6-8; PE Uniform when appropriate for K-5


  • Navy Corduroy pants that fit correctly (baggy, loose, beltless pants are not permitted) or Navy trouser shorts (Simply Uniforms brand only)
  • White Button-Up Shirt
  • Aqua V-neck pullover
  • All black or all white shoes
  • Solid black, navy, or white socks
  • Belt
  • Short, neat appropriate hair styles
  • No cloth-cotton sweatshirts (including St. Finn Barr spirit wear)


  • Wellington plaid jumper (grades K-5) and knee-length skirt (grades 6-8) or Navy trousers or trouser shorts (Simply Uniforms brand only)
  • White peter-pan collar blouse (pointed collar for grades 6-8)
  • Aqua crew-neck sweater (aqua v-neck pullover for grades 6-8)
  • All black or all white shoes
  • Plain white socks or footed tights/socks must be at or above the ankles
  • Neat hairstyles
  • No makeup or nail polish
  • 1 Pair of stud earrings & no other jewelry
  • No cloth-cotton sweatshirts (including St. Finn Barr spirit wear)

Boys’ shirts and girls’ blouses must be tucked in at all times.

P.E. Uniforms (GRADES K-5 ONLY)

On designated P.E. days, boys and girls in grades K-5 may wear the P.E. uniform (Simply Uniforms brand only). Navy sweats, white shirts/blouses (non-Simply Uniform white polo shirts are permitted) and all black or all white sneakers or sports shoes (without spikes). In lieu of the p.e. uniform, students may wear their regular school uniform.

Free Dress

A free dress day will be given by the administration of the school only. Appropriate dress is required when free dress days are allowed. The administration will determine the appropriateness of any attire. The administration may have students removed from campus if the dress style is deemed inappropriate.

Uniform regulations will be strictly enforced from the first day of school in August through the last day of school in June. Any deviation from the dress code will require a note from the parent in order to be excused.

If for some important reason a student is unable to wear his/her complete uniform, a written excuse from a parent or guardian must be sent to the student’s teacher.

Please be sure to label your child’s personal belongings with his/her name and grade.

School uniforms are available at Simply Uniforms, 7801 El Camino Real, Colma, CA (650-757-5722).

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