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SCRIP Fundraising

SCRIP Program Highlights

Help raise additional funds for SFB with Scrip purchases, a non-mandatory fundraising program. When you shop at certain retailers they give a percentage of your purchases to SFB. Scrip is easy, free and anyone can participate!



  • Select St. Finn Barr Church as your charitable organization and 0.5% of your purchases go back to SFB.
  • Click here or for info.
  • SFB automatically receives AmazonSmile rebates quarterly.
  • Use AmazonSmile on your smart phone.
  • Bonus Tip: Double your Scrip support by buying Scrip e-gift cards for Amazon to pay for your Amazon purchases.



  • Buy gift cards, e-gift cards and reloadable cards that earn money for SFB.
  • Click here or for info and to enroll (contact the Scrip Coordinator for SFB’s enrollment code)
  • Order online on the website or by downloading the Raise Right app.
  • Alternatively order gift cards through the Scrip Coordinator.
  • Set up online payment by credit card (2.6% fee) or bank debit ($0.15).
  • Gift cards available for local retailers Rainbow Grocery (reloadable), Pacific Super, and Guerra’s Meat (contact the Scrip Coordinator to purchase)
  • SFB automatically receives ShopWithScrip rebates monthly.

Sports Basement “Basementeer” Loyalty Program

  • Receive 10% off all your purchases and 10% of your purchases are donated back to SFB.
  • SFB receives a check at the end of their fiscal year (January).
  • Click here for more info about the program and additional perks.
  • Sign up to support “St. Finn Barr” with a $25 one-time membership fee.

Office Depot/Office Max “5% Back to Schools” Program

  • SFB is credited 5% of school and office supplies purchased in-store or online. Click here for more info.
  • SFB receives rebate certificates quarterly when $10 or more in credits have accumulated.
  • Refer to SFB’s ID “St Finn Barr School” when you shop (contact the Scrip Coordinator for SFB’s ID).

Office Depot/Office Max Ink & Toner Cartridge Recycling

  • Turn in empty printer and toner cartridges and earn $2 Back in Rewards for SFB (just use SFB’s phone number).
  • Max of 10 cartridges per day.
  • Click here for more info.


1. Friends and Family Welcome! – Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in SFB’s Scrip Program. Invite your family, friends, and coworkers to support SFB. Order gift cards for corporate events and activities.

2. Gift Giving – Gift cards make great gifts for everyone for any occasion. e-Gift cards make contact-free and long-distance gift giving easy. Buy American Express and Visa gift cards that can be used at many retailers such as Costco and Trader Joe’s.

3. Multi Scrip Earnings – Earn bonus Scrip funds for SFB by using more than one Scrip option. For example, order gift cards for a retailer (e.g., Amazon, Office Depot/Max) and then use the gift card for your purchase.

4. Bonus Incentive – Earn up to 10 volunteer hours by purchasing $5,000 in gift cards through Benefit Mobile and ShopWithScrip (Raise Right app).

Lynda Taschek (Ileana, 7th)
Scrip Coordinator 2021-2022

Updated February 2022